Comprehensive Mobile Dental Services Include

  • Dental exams including low-dose x-rays

  • Cleanings with fluoride treatments

  • Extractions

  • Dentures and partials

  • Bridges

  • Crowns

  • Root canals

  • Many other dental procedures

Dental Solutions for ALL
Our dental team brings all the necessary mobile dental equipment on-site during ours visits. The scheduling and logistics team ensures that all important parties (the patient, healthcare guardians, and community staff) are involved throughout the patient's oral health journey. We strive to provide access to quality care for all, no matter the patient's situation.

We provide all of the dental services you would expect at a traditional office using our proprietary mobile dental solutions model, enabling us to deliver concierge level service. 

We serve the geriatric community living in independent living, assisted living, memory care, hospice, and skilled nursing facilities. We also serve individuals with special needs and short-term disabilities.  

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